NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley

NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley
is a platform for
Angel Valley Ministries
to convey its message.

Individuals and groups
come to Angel Valley Sedona
to receive insights,
and to experience healing
and expansion.
The length of stay can be
as short as a half-day visit
up to several weeks.

Holistic services enhance individual healing and transformation.


Archangel Michael, painting
by Nanette Crist - 1986

Angel Valley Ministries

The essence of Angel Valley is to follow
a divinely-guided spiritual path,
while assisting others in their growth.
Its founders, Michael & Amayra Hamilton
are both ordained ministers
in the Order of Melchizedek.

Angel Valley Ministries is
a non-denominational spiritual oganization
with 501(c)(3) status.

During the Sunday Morning Gatherings we interact
on a variety of spiritual topics,
and how these are experienced in the lives of each person present.

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