The Ariel Apartment and the Michael Room are located in the Angel Lodge, adjacent to the dining room. The Ariel room has a kitchenette with fridge. Each room has its own private bathroom.

angel-lodge-ariel-michael-exterior angel-lodge-terrace

Ariel Room and Michael Room

Terrace in front of the rooms

angel-lodge-ariel-room-interior1 angel-lodge-ariel-room-interior2
angel-lodge-ariel-room-kitchenette angel-lodge-ariel-bathroom

Ariel Room with queen size bed, kitchenette &

attached private bathroom

angel-lodge-michael-room angel-lodge-michael-bathroom

Michael Room with 3 single beds and with

attached private bathroom

Galactic Cottages

Each of the cozy log cottages has a dedicated private bathroom. The bathrooms are in the Pleione Bathhouse, a few yards away from the cabins. They have air-conditioning and heating.

galactic-cottages galactic-cottage3-andromeda-balcony

Log cabins with skylights to watch the night sky

and a balcony to enjoy the red rocks

galactic-cottage3-andromeda-interior galactic-cottage4-arcturus-interior

Cottage #3 - Andromeda with 2 single beds

Cottage #4 - Arcturus with king size bed

galactic-cottage5-lyra-interior galactic-cottage7-sirius-interior

Cottage #5 - Lyra with king size bed

Cottage #6 - Pleiades with 2 single beds



Cottage #7 - Sirius with 2 single beds

Cottage #8 - Moon with double size bed

star-village10-yahyel-exterior star-village10-yahyel-interior3

Hexagon Cottage #9 - Essassani

Hexagon Cottage #9 - Essassani



Hexagon Cottage #9 - Essassani

with king size bed

Pleione Bathhouse

pleione-bathhouse-exterior pleione-bathhouse-interior

Six bathrooms, one for each cottage,

with vanity, shower, toilet, and hair dryer

Currently, we only serve meals to Groups. Individual guests can prepare their own meals in the Angel Lodge Dining Room kitchen. There are fridges available and a stove, an oven and a convection oven/microwave. Coffee and teas are complementary.


Angel Valley Sedona has a 2-night minimum for lodging for individual guests.

ARIEL ROOM with queen size bed, kitchenette + private bathroom:
$144.00 per night for 1 person
$166.00 per night for 2 persons

MICHAEL ROOM with 3 single beds + private bathroom:
$144.00 per night for 1 person
$166.00 per night for 2 persons
$188.00 per night for 3 persons

COTTAGE with king size bed + private bathroom in bathhouse:
$122.00 per night for 1 person
$144.00 per night for 2 persons

COTTAGE with 2 single beds + private bathroom in bathhouse:
$122.00 per night for 1 person
$144.00 per night for 2 persons

COTTAGE with queen and a couch + private bathroom in bathhouse:
$144.00 per night for 1 persons
$166.00 per night for 2 persons
$188.00 per night for 3 persons

Day Use Fee is included, with access to all the sacred sites.
Service or cleaning fees are included. No taxes are charged.
We have a No-Pet policy, unles your pet is irresistably adorable and super wellbehaved.

How We Create a Sacred, Intentional, 5-Dimensional Space:
* Awareness of the sacredness of the land, its features and its environment.
* Awareness of sensitivities and private sacred space of other guests.
* No smoking of any kind.
* No use of alcohol or any recreational drugs.
* No meats, chicken or fish prepared in our kitchen, stored in our fridfges, nor brought onto the property.
* No firearms on the property.
* No incense, sage, palo santo or scented candles inside any of the facilities.
* No perfumes or heavily scented toiletries.
* No use of (ceremonial) fire without permission.
* No parking in front of the cabins. Minimal driving.

Call us for more information or reservation (928) 634-1320.
Payment Policy: We prefer payments WITH CASH or BY CHECK.

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