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Do I need to know anything about Angel Valley before I come?
We recommend that you read our Philosophy, Vision & Mission statement.
This gives you an idea of what we believe in and what inspires us.
If you come with an open heart, the land will speak to you.

Why do you have the name Angel Valley?
Because the presence of the angels can easily be felt here.
The veil is thinner at Angel Valley.
The presence of the major Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel
is strongly felt.

Are you a religion?
We call ourselves spiritual, but we do not belong to a traditional religion.
We see and experience the Divine in Nature, in anything of beauty and
most of all in YOU. People of all religions or non-religions are welcome.

Can I come to Angel Valley just for a visit?
You are welcome to come to Angel Valley for a day visit,
and spend as much time as you want.
Visitors pay a $20 day fee. Locals and students pay $10.
Children under 13 are free.

Can I stay at Angel Valley as an individual or with my friend?
Yes! We welcome you for a indiviual retreat or a spiritual journey.
You will find the peace and quiet you are looking for.
You heart will know whether this is the place for you.

How much is it to stay at Angel Valley?
This is a familiar question and we do have an answer for you.
We ask you: why do you want to come to Angel Valley?
For us it is important that you connect with the reason
why you want to come. The money part will take care of itself.
Information on rates can be found on the rate page.

Can I bring a group to Angel Valley?
Yes, you can. We ask any facilitator to first read our philosophy.
Then call us and we will find whether there is a resonance for both of us.
Our regular capacity is around 30 beds, we have a dining facility for 40 and 3 meeting spaces for groups.

Do you provide services at Angel Valley?
Yes, we do! Our team offers a wide range of holistic services. Click here to meet our team. Appointments can be scheduled in advance, but can also be arranged once you are here and meet us. The choice is yours.


I am committed to make lasting changes in my life. Can you help?
We offer the option to do our Michael Retreat Program. Together with you we create a transformational program. You pay one amount. We provide whatever is required for your healing and tranformation during your stay.

Do you have programs that I can participate in during my stay?
You can register for one of the Guided Retreat Programs.
We have weekly activities on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
For all guests there is the option to participate in the Early Morning Activity.
Ask the schedule upon arrival.

Are there vortexes at Angel Valley?
Yes, there are!!! We have 20 dedicated vortex circles on the land.
You can have a guided vortex experience or explore by yourself.
Ideal is to choose a combination of both:
first a guided experience and then go out on your own.

What is the food like at Angel Valley?
Our excellent chef prepares vegetarian meals.
Many find that they never knew vegetarian food could be so good.
The request for an Angel Valley recipe book has been heard for years.

I have dietary restrictions. How do I do that?
Talk with our chef and in most cases solutions can easily be found,
whether it be gluten-free, vegan or if you can't eat certain ingredients.
It is helpful it you let us know in advance.

Do you have cell phone reception and WiFi?
Cell phone reception is spotty, depending on the type of phone you have and where you are on the property. We have WiFi in all of the rooms, except two.

What is the weather like in Sedona and what should I bring?
Visit our Sedona information page. Angel Valley is usually a few degrees warmer than Sedona, since its elevation is slightly below that of Sedona. Bring clothing in layers, because temperatures differ greatly between day and night.

How do I get to Angel Valley?
You fly into Phoenix. From there it is a two-hour drive. You either rent a car or book the Ace Xpress shuttle or Red Rock Transprtation. Both drop you off and pick you up at Angel Valley. Find directions on our Contact Us page.


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