Garden of Transformation

The Garden of Transformation is a space for you, of you and from you.
It is a space for healing, integration, and transformation.
In October 2009 Kirby Brown, James Shore and Liz Neuman transitioned here
during a tragic incident in a sweat lodge.
More than any other place at Angel Valley, this space presents the opportunity for reflection
on the seemingly opposing, yet inseparably connected themes of life and death, of light and dark.

The garden has been designed and is given form by people who are focusing on their own healing.
We invite you to experience your transformation by becoming involved
and by contributing your time, knowledge and/or abundance to this project.

Adopt A Tree, A Bench Or Irrigation

2010 - ceder planted by friends of Liz Neuman

The plantings symbolize rebirth and new life, and at the same time eternal life.
The benches offer a place to be still and take the time for being, for listening and receiving.
The rocks symbolize our love and appreciation for Mother Earth.
Irrigation brings water to support growth in life.

The first trees have been adopted and physically planted by friends
of those who transitioned on the land.

We visualize a lush area, which in our desert climate can only become abundantly green
by bringing water to the plants.
We imagine a piece of paradise with water features
with benches and shady areas to sit and meditate
among various forms of art.
In the creation of this Garden of Transformation
we invite all who feel guided from within
to participate and bring in their energy.

2014 - the ceder 4 years later

We envision the adoption plan to be organic, ever changing, and constantly evolving with new and different options and levels of involvement and commitment:

  • You can contribute an amount of money of your choice and we will invest it in the Garden of Transformation.
  • You can let us know what special purpose you would have for the tree that will be planted with or without your involvement in the location of your choice.
  • You can visit our nursery in Cornville, where they know exactly what trees will do well in our valley, select your own tree, bringing along the planting soil and then plant your own tree. 
  • We will honor you by mentioning your name on a plaque in the garden unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

Please, contact us if you would like to be part of the creation of the Garden of Transformation.
We thank you for your contribution!

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