Garden of Transformation

The Garden of Transformation is a space for you, of you and from you.
It is a space for healing, integration, and transformation.
In October 2009 Kirby Brown, James Shore and Liz Neuman transitioned here
during a tragic incident in a sweat lodge.
More than any other place at Angel Valley, this space presents the opportunity for reflection
on the seemingly opposing, yet inseparably connected themes of life and death, of light and dark.

Since 2009, the garden has gone through its own transformation.
The first few years it was designed and neatly maintained as a Memorial Garden,
with a heart in the center, decorated with crystals.
Then, for a period of time, we gave the area back to Mother Nature.
Currently, the place is kept simple, soon ready for its new phase.

Allow yourself to be healed, as you connect with the depth of your own being,
integrating the darkness of all lifetimes by brining it into the light.

2010 - ceder planted by friends of Liz Neuman

The plantings symbolize rebirth and new life, and at the same time eternal life.
The benches offer a place to be still
and to take the time for being,
for listening and receiving.

The first trees were adopted and physically planted by friends of those
who transitioned on the land.

For the future, we visualize a lushness in this area, which in the previous century was used as farmland.
In our desert climate, this
can only become abundantly green
by bringing water to the plantings.

We imagine a piece of paradise with water features,
with benches and shady areas to sit and meditate
among various forms of art.

2014 - the ceder 4 years later

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