Medicine and Ancestor Wheel

The Medicine or Ancestor Wheel is based on the same ancient sacred geometry
as the Chatrres Labyrinth: the circle and the cross.


This Medicine Wheel has its own unique design. On the concentrical circles stones are placed, that each have their own significance. They connect with the seven sacred directions,
with the planets, with all living beings, and with spiritual goals and attributes. Each of these stones offers a seat to meditate on the theme of that
specific location.

You can also simply make your connection with the Ancestors, either of your own lineage,
or more in general with those who went before us.
Their wisdom and love can be tapped and support you
on your current journey.


In the heart of the
Medicine Wheel
there is a totem pole,
originally made by the
Nez Perce Indians
in the Pacific Northwest.
Its grand stature
reminds us of the
Sacredness of all Traditions and of the
Oneness of all Peoples.


The Medicine Wheel is used for ceremonies, either traditional or personalized.
We work with several of our local Native American ceremonialists,
and also with those who perform ceremonies of a more universal nature.

Whatever intention a ceremony is given, whether it be a healing ceremony
an initiation ceremony, an honoring ceremony, or a commitment ceremony,
each ceremony is performed with sacredness
towards the land, towards the people, and towards All of Life.


The Medicine/Ancestor Wheel was made in 2013.
Before its construction the Earth was blessed and given thanks in ceremony.
The stones were gathered and placed with dedication and intention.
The project could be realized thanks to generous contributions of several individuals.
We highly appreciate their generosity.


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