Angel Valley Sedona's vision is to provide accommodations, wholesome food, holistic services,
caring staff, a clean and nurturing environment,
where people can trust who they are and express themselves.

Angel Valley Sedona is the operative part of Angel Valley Ministries.
It is where the concept of 'change is the only constant' is put into practice.

The vision we hold is that people will be able to schedule individual or group retreats
to focus on their journey into the New Paradigm,
the 5th dimension and their authentic Divine self.
Angel Valley Sedona is the bridge from one reality to the next,
integrating the opportunities for growth that people encounter on their path.

Have Fun!!


Do you remember?

The guidance of angels and star beings assist you to focus on 'Knowing Thyself'.
Just ask Spirit to connect with anyone or anything that will assist you in your transformation.

Yes, 'MAGIC' happens at Angel Valley to those who are open and willing
to connect with the essence of who they are.
Synchronicity abounds!!


Water Concert during the weekend with Dr. Emoto, July 2013

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