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April 3-9, 2019

Sedona - Transform, Rebirth, and Renew!

with Jill Jackson and Laurie Smyda





Information: email: majesticencounters@gmail.com


April 15 - 19, 2019

Divine Sedona Retreat

with Nathalie Couture and Marie-Josée Aubé


Five initiatory days will allow you to travel within yourselves in order to discover, to choose, to manifest all the power of the being that you are and then to radiate in all spheres of your life.

Each day during the retreat, you will be in the heart of Sedona's nature to live sacred moments of integration in energetic symbiosis with Mother Earth. You will be in close contact with the richness of this unique, high-vibration nature where all your senses are awakened, solicited by so many beauties, reminding you of the enchantment of being alive here and now.

This retreat is bilingual: both English and French spoken.

Information: www.sedonadivine.com


April 25 - 28, 2019

The Choice For Healing

with Charlie Roberts

Charlie presents a program
in which participants will be encouraged
to heal old patterns of thinking,
by learning to aks
for Holy Spirit's assistance
to choose differently,
as taught in
The Course of Miracles.

Charlie Roberts has been on a spiritual journey for over 40 years.  He lives his spiritual path through joy, laughter and powerful insights into other's ego dynamics.  By playfully inviting those he works with to softly let their suffering go,Charlie invites them to experience their deep inner truth.  He was introduced to ACIM in 2009 and leads several ACIM study groups each week, as well as working with individuals on a one-on-one basis.  He is also a practitioner if Pure BioEnergy Therapy, a healing technique that aids the body in healing itself.

For information, please, email Charlie csrsales@sbcglobal.net


May 9 - 12, 2019

Ignite Your Soul

with Kerry Borcherding and Tracy Shulsinger


For information: www.KerryBorcherding.com and www.Shamanism.TheHealingCollective.com


May 22 - 25, 2019

Divine Serenity Retreat

with Rachael Hilliard


Rachael Hilliard


Terry Groom

For information: https://rschornick.wixsite.com/dsretreat



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