Angel Valley Photos & Videos

What better way, other than visiting in person, to get an impression of Angel Valley that touches your heart? The videos below and the pictures in all the galleries will surely wet your appetite for a visit or a stay.

Retreat Experience

A Group Experience

This circle was filmed in September 2009. The people sharing their experiences are students in Dancing with Source Mystery School, founded and led by Ashley Warrenton-Smith with Guidance from Source.
They were at Angel Valley for a 5-day retreat.


Oak Creek Meditation

Do you remember the sound of Oak Creek and the effect the creek had on you when you were at Angel Valley?
Or, if you have not been at Angel Valley yet, would you like to enjoy a sample? We invite you to take 15 minutes, sit down, relax and enjoy!


Healing Waters

The sound, the sight, the feel... It is soothing, calming and healing.


Unique Labyrinth Walk

On 12-12-12 Angel Valley had a concert in the Chartres labyrinth with inspired musicians. The valley was filled with music and the acoustics of the labyrinth reverberated on a deep level. A spontaneous labyrinth walk completed a wonderful afternoon.



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