Meeting Rooms for Groups

Angel Valley offers two meeting facilities for groups: The Crystal Hall and the Light House. The dining room has seating for 40+ persons, plus an outdoor terrace with breathtaking views. At this moment, the lodging capacity is for around 20 persons.

The Crystal Hall

The Crystal Hall is a 1058 sq. ft. meeting space of 34x32 ft, with windows on both sides. The room is used for gatherings, seating a maximum of 120 persons on chairs auditorium style. The space comfortably holds 70 persons on backjacks. For groups needing space for activities, such as yoga or dance, the space holds 30 persons.

The room has a concrete floor with in-floor heating. In addition, there is air heating and cooling. For performing events a stage can be brought in.

crystal-hall-1-exterior crystal-hall-2-auditorium

crystal-hall-3-group crystal-hall-4-yoga

crystal-hall-5-event crystal-hall-6-concert

The Light House

is the original homestead, built in the early 1900s. The 365 sq. ft main room of 22x13ft is carpeted,
and holds 20 people sitting on back-jacks or 10 for yoga or exercise.The room is normally used as a Meditation Room, an oasis for peace and quiet on a heart chakra vortex.

The Uriel room and the Raphael room are used for individual sessions.

light-house-3-exterior light-house-4-group

light-house-5-uriel light-house-6-raphael

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