Know Thyself


KNOW THYSELF - This is inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Knowing yourself leads to an expanded understanding of who and what we are. Ralph Waldo Emerson's poem, entitled "Gnothi Seauton” ('Know Thyself') - 1831, reflects Emerson's belief that to 'Know Thyself' means knowing GOD, which Emerson felt existed within each person.

LOVE THYSELF - The traditional Golden Rule states: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself'. But if we do not first love ourselves, then how can we love another?
The paradox is, when we choose to love ourselves more than anyone else, we will be giving more love to everyone else in our lives than we ever did before!

HEAL THYSELF - One must first ‘Heal Thyself' of the belief that we are imperfect, or that we have a dis-ease. By connecting with the vibrational frequency of the Beauty and Perfection of what we are experiencing, we become free to choose a State of Being with a vibrational frequency of the oneness and wholeness we prefer.



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