What is NuLemuria?

Lemuria was a pre-Atlantean civilization. The Lemurians lived in great harmony. Their vibration can be described as 5th-Dimensional. Their continent went under the oceans during the great earth shifts in the times of Atlantis. The Lemurian lands covered a large territory in what is now the Pacific Ocean. Our Hawaiian Islands were part of it, going as far south as the South Pole region. In recent years, extensive structures under the surface of the ocean have been reported, of which it is suggested that they are linked with the Lemurian culture.

During the earth shifts, some Lemurians went underground, literally, yet in a different dimension. One of their communities is Telos, located under Mount Shasta.

In our days, some are having memories of Lemurian lifetimes, and a longing to bring back the frequency they used to be familiar with.

High Priest of the Lemurian Communnity
of Telos, painting by Glenda Green

Lemurian Guardians at Angel Valley

In 2014, synchronicity brought a gifted shaman from Venezuela on our path. His intuitive Guidance lead him to four portals with a Lemurian energy. A dome of Lemurian protection was anchored over Angel Valley, represented by a Water Guardian, an Air Guardian, an Earth Guardian and a Fire Guardian. This dome has been sensed by others too.

Vision of a 5th Dimensional Community

In 2008, a vision was given of a New Paradigm Community. A group of kindred spirits and soul families were living together in wonderful harmony and happiness. Some members would be from the local area, others would come from afar. Some would stay at Angel Valley for an extended period, others would be there for a short time.

The vision was an invitation for us to look at life, work and play in a more expanded and inclusive way. In the vision there was balance and sharing. The community was in unity on all levels. Everyone had equal value, and was aware of their own self-worth. Everyone was living their passion and excitement, and knew their purpose. They were following their heart, and fully expressing themselves to the best of their ability. All felt empowered in being their true authentic self.

Visitors came from around the world to witness this new way of living, playing and working together. It was a model of cooperation, and love being lived.

We have been given a choice: Do we move forward with a belief that we can co-create a New Paradigm reality that is based upon faith, trust, love, and abundance? Or do we believe in a reality that is based upon fear, doubt, lack, and the need to control? We invite you to feel into the dream and vision by listening to your guides, your angels, and most of all your heart. You will know your next step!

To read the full Dream Vision from Archangel Michael, received by Michael Hamilton in 2008, please, click here.

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