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In giving form to Angel Valley’s philosophy, vision and mission, the focus is on ‘Health and Wellness’ on all levels, honoring each person as a Divine being.

Our body is our temple, the embodiment of the Creator in the physical. Therefore our body requires respect, love and care. By eating the highest quality food, prepared with love, we nourish our body as our sacred instrument.  Our chef is as much of a teacher and healer as any other practitioner who contributes to our visitors’ health.

Health is stimulated by bodywork and enhanced with subtle energy healing modalities. Belief systems impact our state of health and wellbeing. By becoming aware of our underlying beliefs and changing whatever does not work for us any longer, we have the ability to create shifts in our life.

Our state of well being depends largely on the relationship we have with ourselves. Being present, relaxed and in our heart gives optimal awareness of who we are and of our connectedness with the Creator.
 Angel Valley provides a unique opportunity to experience and enhance this awareness.

In our approach to health and wellness, we embrace the principle that every person
has the potential to heal themselves and to change their life.
What we offer is assistance to bring that potential into manifestation.
It is our focus to empower our clients and to take responsibility
for their own life, actions and experiences.
The beauty and the power of Nature, where we make our connection with the Creator God,
plays a key role in the process of increased health and spiritual growth.

While we make every effort to ensure the reliability and benefit
of services and products offered,
none shall be regarded as offering medical or legal advice,
diagnosing or prescribing medical treatment.

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