Angel Connections

Archangels and Angels are connected with Angel Valley.
A strong Angelic presence is experienced by many.
The name Angel Valley reflects this.
Many people are drawn here by these Celestial Beings.

Archangels and Angels are the guardians
of the creative powers of the Universe.
Archangels (Archein-the first Ones; Angelos-messenger
of God/the Creator) were the first to be created
and to be part of the continuation of Creation.

As we are all part of one Creation,
Angels are part of our lives,
whether we are aware of them or not.
We can choose to connect with them
and ask them to guide us in the creation of our reality.
We assist in making this connection with
the Angelic realm or with a specific Angelic Being.
Making contact is available to everyone who is open for it. Their messages and energetic support are available
all the time, giving us healing
and a better understanding of ourselves.

Painting by 31/2 year old Eli Lugos,
who shared that he had painted
Archangel Michael

You can make your own explorations with the Angels.
You can also take advantage of tools and services
that Angel Valley offers,
to assist your connection with the Angels.

Angel Walk
The Archangels have designated locations on the land,
where a person can easily connect with the Archangels
and receive messages and healing.
The facilitator assists you in making these connections
and in interpreting your impressions.

Angel Wheel
This is a tool that helps us to connect with the major Archangels
and with their respective qualities.
By this connection we can invite and develop
the same qualities within ourselves.

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