Healing, Bodywork and Energy Sessions

Our physical body makes it possible for our spiritual being, the soul, to experience physical reality.
We learn to understand the connection between the two and
to express our spiritual essence and divinity through the physical body.

The meridian system, the chakras and the aura bridge the frequencies
between the physical body and the spiritual body,
which consists of an energy field radiating from the physical body and several energy bodies.
We are invited to harmonize these different systems in order to come to the full expression
of our true authentic selves. Holistic healing is based on energy.
The future is in energy healing; only vibrational healing can lead to true healing.

Angel Valley offers a variety of healing modalities.
Each approaches an imbalance of energy from a different angle
The entrance can be through the muscles, meridians, the chakras or the subtle energy bodies.
Each entrance has an effect on the entire system.
Using a combination of modalities often brings the best results.

A recent addition to the healing modlaities is working with the Quantum Field
which is like visiting many different therapists in one visit. 


Aura Healing balances our physical body with the surrounding more subtle
energy bodies, together called the aura. The aura reflects the state of being:
the extend of the union between the various aspects of us.
Restoring imbalance in the aura can make a person feel rejuvenated.


Colon Therapy is the process of flushing large amounts of water into the intestinal track to help release toxins, using professional equipment. This cleansing may be supported by a recommended diet to heal from serious disorders.
One or more colon treatments can be part of a juice cleanse program.


Entity Removal Clearing not only helps ghosts/spirits cross over to the other side, but also detaches and clears entities that attach to a person's energyfield
It frees the host from unseen influences, crosses these entities over into the light
and raises the vibration of the planet each time a clearing is conducted.


Holistic Body/Energy Work is a combination of different modalities, mostly without or with minimal physical touch. They allow the practitioner to draw into the moment any knowledge and healing skills, based on their intuitive perception of the needs of the client, that can provide the most optimal healing results.

I.E.T - Integrated Energy Therapy helps clear negative cellular memory and imprints, using nine cellular memory points, into the positive or opposite of what has been cleared. It includes soulstar clearing, which reconnects an individual with all the reasons why they choose to incarnate, or their 'missions.'


Massage focuses on manipulating muscle tissue, using strokes, movements and pressure to help the muscles to relax, to improve blood and lymph circulation, to give greater mobility of muscles and joints and to assist in the repair of injuries.
Different techniques: deep tissue, Swedish and gentle intuitive massage.


Reflexology, also called Zone Therapy, utilizes reflex points of the feet and hands that correspond to every muscle, nerve, organ gland and bone in the body by pressing on those points. As a result blockages and toxins are released
and healthy body functions are increased.


Reiki is the transmission of the Universal Life-force healing energy in a hands-on method. The transference heals the physical body, stimulates the meridian system & connected organs and aligns the chakras and endocrine gland system.
Karuna Reiki is an advanced branch of traditional Reiki and may include toning.


Sound Healing - using Tibetan Bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes, harp and other sound instruments. Sound resonates through the client’s system
as the bowls are placed around and on the physical body.
Release of long-term hurts at different levels, stress, and blockages occur.


Pyramid Meditation & Healing - By programming the capstone crystal with a clear intention and meditating while sitting or laying down inside the pyramid, you are able to accelerate your experience. In addition, the use of tibetan and/or crystal bowls can amplify even more. Your focus determines your outcome.

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