Many people meditate. They have found a practice that works for them.
Yet, there are those who come to Angel Valley who would love to have
guidance and suggestions on how to meditate
or how to meditate in a different way.

A method that works for one, does not necessarily work for everybody.
We consider the range of meditation tools to be wide.
There are very specific, often traditional methods,
and there are simple methods that lead to a state of being
fully present in the now moment and in the heart.

We assist you in finding a method that works for you.
Our focus is on what the meditation does for you,
rather than on the method itself.

The effect of any form of meditation can be enhanced by sitting in a Pyramid structure.
You can find Angel Valley's pyramid in the Light House,
the original homestead,
and in our days the place for meditation and healing.

To any guest or visitor, feel free to enter the building and enjoy the peace.



Another meditation tool is with the Crystal Skulls.
You are welcome to sit, play and meditate with them.
Let us know, if you are interested to join our
Wednesday Night Crystal Skull Meditation.

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