Readings and Counseling

Humans are energy beings.
The condition of our energy system is determined by our belief structures.
We attract situations and life experiences that reflect these beliefs.
Many belief structures are not in our daily awareness or are unconscious.
However, they do influence our lives.
Belief structures that no longer serve us become a disturbing factor in our lives.
The facilitator uses their intuitive guidance to help you to become aware
of these belief structures and the resulting energetic conditions.
This awareness is the first step towards healing and transformation,
and to understand how we are creating our reality.
With this understanding we can create the reality we wish.

Readings and counseling sessions at Angel Valley are meant to empower you
by looking together at your options.
You will then be able to make your own choices
Nobody knows what is best for you, but you.

Affirmations are powerful words and statements, like mantras, used to change our belief systems on a deep cellular level. This is a dynamic process of rewriting our scripts and infusing our intentions with Love, Light and Wisdom,
replacing programming that does not serve us any more.


Channeled Writing is one of the many ways to connect with other dimensions. Those of us for whom it is not easy to see and/or hear clearly what messages the other side has for us, will find this method easy to learn. It is also an effective tool of comfort in grief work. It does not require special gifts, just the willingness to do it.


Crystal Skulls are instruments to increase awareness, to enhance our psychic abilities, to be used for channeling and to tap into our inner wisdom.
In addition, they are tools for healing. Angel Valley's stewards are the caretakers
of an exquisite collection of contemporary crystal skulls.


Following Your Excitement is another way of saying: follow your joy - follow your heart - act on your passion. This is one of the most important ways to live your true essence, to be your true authentic self.
Living in this way is not only possible, it changes your life forever.


Grief Guidance helps to realize that you do not walk alone through your grief. Grieving is one of the most personal emotional processes. It needs its own time and its own ways to heal. This process is natural, yet unique to each one of us. Our own personal experiences with grief have inspired us to offer this healing modality.


Guided Detox/Juice Cleanse. Most people have collected toxins in their body, which can create a wide range of physical and emotional issues. Removing these toxins can create a totally new experience of health. It can be done in different ways,
depending on a person's condition and personal preferences.


Intuitive Life Coaching brings into one's awareness their oneness with all Creation.
By claiming one’s own creatorship of their reality,
an individual sets the needed re-patterning for personalized Self Mastery:
the acceptance of one’s power, wisdom, and one’s own inner guidance.


Mayan Signatures reveal an energy-impulse on the day of our birth. This can help us to get clarity about our Soul-purpose, the understanding of the concepts of time, timing and synchronicity, and the significance of particular relationships.
The method used is based on the 13-Moon Calendar developed by Jose Arguelles.


Nutritional Guidance brings awareness about the importance to nourish our bodies in the most optimal way. It gives an understanding what our needs are and what hinders our system. We inspire you how you can change your eating patterns and how to do that in an emotionally fulfilling way.

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