Practitioners Team

Angel Valley has the following experienced practitioners who offer their services:

Michael Hamilton


Bridge Builder

“I love building bridges between the beliefs
that create limitation and separation,
and new beliefs that create a feeling of Oneness and an experience of Empowerment
by Being Our True Natural Selves.”

"I am the co-founder of Angel Valley.
Since I have been at Angel Valley my theme has been what I started 10 years before:
to Follow My Heart in whatever I am doing,
with wherever I am going, or with whomever I am interacting.
Within the themes of ‘Following My Heart’ and ‘Being Present in Each Now Moment',
What I needed to do – I did; What I needed to have – I had; What I needed to know – I knew;
Where I needed to be - I was; Who I needed to meet – I met.
I know that I am always Blessed, Guided, Protected, Supported, and Loved.
The Journey of ‘Following My Heart’has resulted in me discovering
more of who I am, more of my true essence, more of me being me.
By me being me, by embracing the realization that I am a mirror and a reflection for others,
and that others are a mirror and reflections for me,
I am able to assist individuals who come on my path
to discover their own True Essence, to Follow Their Heart’.
By looking into more of who I am, I see more of those that enter my space.
I can help them understand who they are, through me being a catalyst."

Amayra Hamilton


Channeled Writing
Healing with Crystals & Crystal Skulls
Grief Transformation

Healing through Art

Holistic Energy Work & Reiki
Intuitive Coaching
Mayan Signature
Tai Ji
Sound Healing
Vortex & Angel Walks
Wedding Ceremonies & Memorial Services

AMAYRA moved from Holland to Sedona in 1997.
Her journey into spiritual awareness took off in the early 1980s,
when she began her study of spiritual psychotherapy.
She learned color therapy and chakra balancing.
She expanded this work to the use of essential oils, massage and body/energy work,
and included sound healing in her practice, using a variety of instruments.
Amayra works with crystal skulls and with Mayan Signatures based on the Mayan Calendar.
She is an artist and loves to use art and creativity to heal herself and to help others to heal.
The death of her 28-year old son in 1999 was a life altering experience for Amayra.
This eventually gave her a deeper understanding about life and death.
She learned that she could face and overcome whatever life brings to her.
She added grief transformation to the assistance she provides to others,
certified at South Western College, Santa Fe, NM.
She includes a wide variety of modalities in her healing and counseling work.
Amayra practices Tai Ji and loves sharing the basics of this wonderful way of moving.
As a non-denominational ordained minister she performs weddings,
commitment ceremonies and memorial services.
Amayra's focus is to create and encourage heart connections, honoring the Divine Feminine.

Cara Marie Petrone


Integrated Energy Therapy
Usui & Karuna Reiki
Magnified Healing
Prayer Healing

Entity Removal Clearing
Angel Card Readings
Guided Angel Walks

A woman of great faith and spirituality, Cara Marie is a healing artist and lightworker.
She loves to assist others on their healing journey and create musical/visual artwork
that radiates light and love
Her healing journey began with Reiki when her mother broke her back several years ago
She was captivated by the art of Reiki and was inspired to share it with others
From there she studied other modalities such as Magnified Healing and Integrated Energy Therapy.
She loves sharing this tool with others is a 'soul star clearing'. The soul star is the book of the soul
By clearing this clients are reconnected with the missions they came to earth with.
Some of the most profound healings she has participated in have taken place here at Angel Valley
It is her favorite place to do her healing work.
In addition, Cara Marie is a gifted musician and singer-songwriter.

Adele Sands


Crystal Healing
La Stone Therapy
Vibrational Healing

Adele is a sensitive Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and healing facilitator
Sessions with Adele often include intuitive messages, as the guides and angels
of both Adele and her client bring through insights, enlightening information, and healing energy
Adele has been living and practicing in Sedona since 2001.
Her gift is an integrated session that combines many different modalities and healing tools
to create a perfect energy for healing and the release of blocks, both physical and energetic.
She is blessed with powerful guides and allies who use her hands, intuition, voice, hot stones,
crystals, aromas, Reiki, and other healing modalities to assist her client's healing process.
Adele creates a safe space for healing and massage,
and begins each session with a prayer for the highest and best good for all.
Adele has had the opportunity to travel to sacred sites all over the planet, with a healing intent.
Besides, she does Spirit Horse Experience Sessions, as she is living her childhood dream.
Her work with horses takes place at her residence.
She lives her life in openness and joy, with heartfelt gratitude for her growth, abundance and blessings.

Renae Pappas



“Angelic Kitchen Guide”
Wellness Life Coach
Holistic Cook
Raw Foods Chef

Renae has been a nutritional guide and an intuitive Wellness Coach for over 10 years.
She has helped people discover their higher selves by facilitating customized
Wellness programs, cleanses and detoxes.
Her grounded approach is to meet the person where they are on their path
and guide them to the next level of health and well-being.
Renae is a kind and compassionate listener who gently guides you
through the process of letting go of old eating patterns and habits.
She works with body images and self-love affirmations.
She is a Holistic Cook / Living Foods chef who loves sharing her favorite recipes and tips
on how to prepare simple, yet highly nutritious meals at home.
As a mother of a vibrant 6-year old, she is always thinking of nutritious meals/snacks for kids.
She supports life-style changes and empowers other mothers
to create healthy food for the kids and themselves!

John Campbell


Foot Reflexology (Ingram Method)

John worked for twenty years as an accountant. In the early 1990’s he discovered
that foot reflexology helped to heal his life-long allergies and improved his general health and well being.
This experience caused him to leave his accounting career and train as a foot reflexologist.
His training has been in the Ingram method and he now works full-time as a foot reflexologist.
His greatest satisfaction is to hear his clients tell him how his work has helped
to heal them of life-long health problems.
John’s spiritual approach to life is not to take it too seriously,
and to maintain a sense of humor.

Reuel Ari


Colon Therapy
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Nutritional Counseling

Reuel has a variety of training and experience in wellness related to diet.
His early career, for over a decade, was as a nurse.
His later training includes Natural Therapeutics Specialist and Living Foods Educator certification
Reuel had a number of health conditions that started in childhood.
Earlier ulcerative colitis eventually led to colon cancer
In 1982, Reuel suffered a complete physical and emotional break down.
This experience led him to a 42 day fast which resulted in a rebirth on all levels.
The cleansing that took place cured his colon cancer.
Since then he has committed himself to a spiritual approach to life and a diet rich in raw foods
consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, free of dairy products and animal protein.
He also is committed to sharing his experience and expertise to heal others
through colon therapy and nutritional guidance
Reuel is an ordained minister, Certified Colon Therapist and Wellness Coach.
Reuel has a full-time practice providing colonics, Cranial Sacral work and nutritional counseling.

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