Practitioners Team


Amayra Hamilton - Click here for bio
s the sadness you feel related to unresolved grief?
Do you want to learn to communicate with the invisible world?
Would you like to improve your health on all levels?
Are you interested in crystal skulls?
Is the artist in you wanting to fire up your inspiration?

Michael Hamilton - Click here for bio
How would it be to Love & Value yourself more than anyone or anything?
Are you interested in Following Your Heart’s Highest Excitement & Joy?
Is it time for you to dive into your belief systems and to make changes?
In your world and bubble reality, are you God, Manifestor of all things?
Will you take a Journey with Michael on ‘Learning to Remember’?


Cara Marie Petrone - Click here for bio
Would you like to learn how to meditate, utilizing the vortex energy?
Do you want to dismantle the walls around your heart?
Could you benefit from clearing and rebalancing your energy?
Do you feel you are a Starseed?
Would you like to cultivate a more powerful prayer life?

Daniel Posney - Click here for bio
Is your relationship not what it used to be?
Do you want to balance your masculine/feminine energy?
Would you like to feel/know worthiness and self-love?
What would healing your emotional trauma do for you?
Do you want to know your Soul’s path or life purpose?



David Montgomery, MD - Click here for bio
Do you long for the freedom to follow the excitement of your heart?
Are you laboring to birth your Divine Self into the Light?
Would you enjoy being in Love with yourself and with your life?
Are you ready to create a reality that serves your highest good?
Would you appreciate a love-focused master guide to facilitate healing?

Christina Wooten - Click here for bio
Are you curious to find out about hidden aspects of yourself in a reading?
Do you want to know more about your connection with animal totems?
Have you experienced the depth of what a Reiki session can do for you?
Are you recovering from severe trauma or PTSD?
Is it your focus to be more connected with your Divine guidance?


Adele Sands - Click here for bio
Have you ever experienced a massage therapist who is also a psychic?
Would you like to experience a massage hands, intuition and voice?
Are you looking for a massage combined with intuitive messages?
Do you appreciate to be under the skillful hands of the best in town?
Do you share the belief that a massage is more than muscle work?

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