Angel Valley Practitioner - Amayra Hamilton

AMAYRA, co-founder of Angel Valley, focuses on creating and encouraging heart connections, honoring the Divine Feminine. She moved from Holland to Sedona in 1997. Her journey into spiritual awareness took off in the early 1980s, with her study of spiritual psychotherapy, color therapy and chakra balancing. She expanded this to the use of essential oils, massage and body/energy work, and included sound healing in her practice, using a variety of instruments. She works with crystal skulls and with Mayan Signatures based on the 13-Moon Calendar.

Amayra is an artist and a musician. She loves to use art and creativity to heal herself and to help others to heal. Amayra practices Tai Ji Dancing and loves sharing the basics of her form. She is passionate about keeping the body healthy and functional through pure nutrition and exercise.

The death of her 28-year old son in 1999 was a life altering experience. This bought her a deeper understanding about life and death. She learned that she could face and overcome whatever life brings to her. She added grief healing & transformation to the assistance she provides to others, certified at South Western College, Santa Fe, NM.

As a non-denominational ordained minister she performs weddings, commitment ceremonies and memorial services.



Intuitive Counseling & Coaching
Grief Healing & Transformation

Channeled Writing

Vortex & Angel Walks
Nutritional Counseling
Healing with Crystals & Crystal Skulls

Healing through Art

Holistic Energy Work & Reiki
Mayan Signature
Harp & Sound Healing
Wedding Ceremonies & Memorial Services



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