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Angel Walks & Vortex Tours
Spiritual Coaching
Card Readings
Dream Interpretation
Parallel Life Explorations
Regression & Journey Sessions
Sound, Crystal & Energy Healing
Guided Meditation
Ear Candling to remove debris

AngelHeart has been a Mystic throughout her entire life, always seeking to know the Truth in All of Life. From early childhood, she knew that the Divine was present in her life in ways that no one could explain to her, which sent her on her own journey of exploration.

She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and specializes in Parallel Life Exploration, Past Life Regressions and Journey work. She has a Master’s Degree in Spiritual & Metaphysical Counseling. She is a Spiritual Life Coach, along with being an Ordained Minister.

She spent over four years with Sri Kaleshwar, immersed in the Ancient Healing Modalities of India taken from the Palm Leaf Books, that were taught since ancient times.

Her work is intuitive and can involve any or all of the modalities mentioned on this page, always with intention. She assists her clients in their healing journey by helping them to reveal life's blocks and the shadows that keep them held back. She believes that the best healing happens when we each find our own way.
Empowering others is her passion.

AngelHeart has been told by many that she holds a calm and grounded space for those around her to process and walk thru what is needed as THEY are transforming their life. She blends her life experiences with the teachings and trainings she received, to bring you a truly unique, healing and heart-opening session.


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