Angel Valley Practitioner - Cara Marie Petrone


Learning to Meditate in the Vortexes
Emotion Code Technique
Integrated Energy Therapy
Usui & Karuna Reiki
Entity Removal Clearing
Prayer Healing

CARA MARIE is an intuitive with a unique way of tuning in to your emotional and spiritual needs. She identifies core wounds, and offers emotional healing and tools to take your life to the next level.

You can choose either an indoor or an outdoor session. During an indoor session, you lie fully clothed on a massage table and receive an intuitive healing session with Reiki. You experience the clearing and rebalancing of your energies and your chakras. In an outdoor session, we take a walk on the land, and visit vortex sites specifically good for you.

We can focus on:
- several kinds of meditation
- emotional healing through the use of the Emotion Code Technique
- connecting with angels, ancestors and guides to receive important messages and cultivate powerful prayers
- gain clarity about your life purpose through inquiring and intuitive messages
- learn about why you have felt different in life, and learn how to connect with your Star Family and learn how to better navigate earth challenges.

For more information on Cara Marie, please visit her website


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