Angel Valley Practitioner - Daniel Posney



Spiritual Counseling
Holistic Life Coaching
Intuitive Guidance
Energetic Healing
Shamanic Breathwork
Sound Healing

DANIEL is a “Way Shower” and alchemist to those seeking clarity and healing in their lives. He helps clients come to the highest understanding of their life experience. His presence, radiant light and compassion assists in promoting profound healing, empowerment and inner transformation. Daniel is offering delicious dialog, healing/integration and fully opened hearts.

Daniel provides you practical tools to create and attract more of what you want in your life and get rid of physical pain. Experience more awareness and clarity about your life, discover new perspectives, and healing of painful, physical symptoms.

During Daniel’s Breathwork session, he creates a sacred, loving space. Drum, didgeridoo and other instruments assist him in creating atmosphere and moving energy. Essential oils and plants help to clear and enhance. Waves of energy are formed through specific types of music and deep, fast, rhythmic breathing.

Daniel does this session for one client, but also for more than one person.

For more information about Daniel, please, visit his website, and watch how he demonstrates his didgeridoo on YouTube.

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