Angel Valley Practitioner - David Montgomery, MD


Spiritual Midwife
Creation Coach

Each session with DAVID is co-created intuitively, in the moment, within a field of love. The process of transformation is facilitated by walking or sitting in nature, to connect with earth energies and spirit guides. The session may include guided meditation, creative arts, and ceremonies.

As an obstetrician for 37 years, David assisted in birthing the physical lives of spiritual beings.
Now as a spiritual midwife, he assists in birthing the Divine Spirit from within the physical being.

David has a passion for being Creative, which he sees as the alignment with his God-Self.
Creativity is what he brings into working with others.

In his sessions, you are:
Guided to explore the depth of your soul’s journey and to soar to new heights of awareness.
Supported to release the chains of fear and to experience the freedom your heart longs for.
Assisted in the birthing of a new preferred version of your Self, so that you may enjoy a version that is authentic, healthy, courageous, confident, prosperous, resilient, loving and loved.

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