Angel Valley Practitioner - Michael Hamilton

Are you at a crossroads? Are you willing to Dream the Impossible Dream?

Michael describes himself as a Way Shower, a
Bridge Builder, and a Re-Inventor. In his interaction with clients, he works in partnership with Archangel Michael. At times, with the flow of energy, this changes the color of his eyes into a clearer blue.

“I love building bridges between the beliefs that create limitation and separation, and new beliefs that create a feeling of Oneness and freedom, and an experience of empowerment by Being Our Authentic Natural Selves.”

Michael's forte is in assisting people to Know Themselves, to Love Themselves, and to Express Themselves in new and ever-expanding ways that manifest feelings of love, self-worth, empowerment, and freedom. He reflects to people the messages and insights that their Higher Selves want them to hear and to know, however, have not yet been willing or able to hear on their own. Messages and insights come through him, not from him! His approach is loving, creative, at times even bold and confrontational.

MICHAEL is the co-founder of Angel Valley.
Ever since he was at Angel Valley, his theme has been a continuation of what he started in 1994: ‘Following His Heart’s Highest Excitement, Joy and Passion’! By ‘Following His Heart’ and ‘Being Present in Each Now-Moment', he knows what he needs to know when he needs to know it; he does what he needs to do when he needs to do it; he has what he needs to have when he needs to have it; he meets who he needs to meet when he needs to meet them!

The Journey of ‘Following His Heart’ has resulted in his discovering more of who he is, more of his true essence, more of him being his authentic, natural self. By being himself, by embracing the realization that he is a mirror and a reflection for others, and that others are a mirror and a reflection for him, he is able to assist individuals who come on his path to discover their own True Essence, and to Follow Their Heart. By looking into more of who he is, he can help others to better understand who they are.

His favorite topic with almost every client or every visitor to Angel Valley that he interacts with is:
Choosing to Love Yourself More Than Anyone Or Anything!


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