Grief Program


Nobody can take away the pain caused by the death of a beloved person. Grieving is a unique and lonely journey. It affects your entire being and state of health, if you remain stuck in a state of grief. There is help available to understand the process, and there are tools that you can use to handle the loss. One of the tools is learning to communicate with your loved one.

During the program, we talk, we listen, we cry, we laugh, we write, we rest, we do art work, we play, we watch movies, we move, and we eat healthy. We do anything we can, for you to heal your heart, and to start FEELING ALIVE AGAIN.

It may take a while and a lot of effort, but eventually, you will be able to come to terms with what happened. You will find that you have gained a strength and a depth of feeling that you did not have before. Then you know that you are on the other side of your grief.

Your mentor during the Grief Program is Amayra Hamilton. Her passion to assist others in their grief process is based on her personal experience with grief.


Fee: Full board, lodging and 2 sessions per day: 7-day $ 3,300, 14-day $ 5.500.
For those who can't do a full program, individual Grief Sessions are also available.

The Angel Valley Grief Program includes:

One extra day before or after the retreat 50% of regular rate.
Two followup phone sessions of 1 hour.

Call us for more information or reservation (928) 634-1320.
Payment Policy: We prefer payments WITH CASH or BY CHECK.

Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure the reliability and benefit of services and products offered, none shall be regarded as offering medical or legal advice, diagnosing or prescribing medical treatment.


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