Meditation can be done in many ways and according to many traditions. Our approach is simple: be still and be focused. If you need assistance to find your own way of meditating, let us help you.

The effect of any form of meditation can be enhanced by sitting in a Pyramid structure.
Ask us whether we have our Pyramid ready for use.

A meditation tool that is available at Angel Valley, is to connect with the Crystal Skulls.
You are welcome to sit, play and meditate with them.

Being in Nature is a grand invitation to get yourself into a quiet, meditative space.
Relax, observe, enjoy and be still!

Creating art in whatever medium you feel attracted too, is a powerful expression of becoming one with nature.

Fee for Learn To Meditate session of 1 hour $150. For a Private Meditation with the Crystal Skulls or in the Pyramid, we appreciate your contribution.
Call us for more information or reservation (928) 634-1320.
Payment Policy: We prefer payments WITH CASH or BY CHECK.


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