Retreats at Angel Valley

You can come to Angel Valley in a variety of ways.
You can visit for the day, you can stay overnight, or come to Angel Valley as part of a group.

You can spend time by yourself, following your intuition and guidance,
or you can request services that our experienced staff offers.

You can come with an open schedule,
or you can plan to do a programmed retreat, like the Michael Retreat,
a 3-, 7-, 10-, or 21-day Wellness Retreat or a Couples Retreat.

You can come for a few days, or spend a longer time, such as for an artist retreat.

Whatever format you choose, and whatever you label your stay, they have one thing in common:
you are in for an extraordinary experience!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience instant change and enlightenment?
Apparently most of us cannot realize this potential,
because of belief systems and behavior patterns that we carry with us,
which do not allow us to make the change in one jump.
These systems and patterns are deeply ingrained in our cellular memory.
It takes focus and true commitment to transform them.


During the individual retreats that we offer, we create the conditions for you to go through the shifts that are needed to create that state of freedom and awareness.
We assist you to see what has kept you
from living the life you prefer.
You get clarity about yourself and we provide you with the tools to connect with and to be your true self.

We work and play together in both a therapeutic and a counseling way, with programs that are Now Moment - Source Guided.
There is a close contact between you and your Angel Valley Coach in this process.
You will spend time by yourself, going within, doing writing, hiking, and resting. You will be basking in the loving energy of the Angels, of our galactic family, and other beings of Light, and in the empowering energy of the Land.

Angel Valley Services available during the retreats are:

* Connecting and journaling with your Angels and Guides
* Creating affirmations
* Daily dream interpretation
* Energy & bodywork sessions with massage
* Mayan signature reading
* Nutritional guidance
* Self-guided daily labyrinth experiences
* Vortex and angel walk experiences
* Lodging, all vegetarian meals and full use of all amenities of Angel Valley
* Follow-through phone sessions


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